That’s No Partridge Family Lunchbox

Had to get a shot of my friend Otis’s lunchbox.

This is what he carries most days, a far cry from the Speed Racer lunchbox I used to carry.

This station is well known for great music and live shows that showcase new and classic artists. Check out their podcasts and stream here:

Carry it proud man.

I did.

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The Aural Retentive Does A Dirty Pour, Or, How I Ate My Words

Actually, a dirty pour and 3 flip cups.

No, I’m not talking about party games.

As with the didgeridoo, I found myself one day in the rabbit hole that is YouTube. I was looking to see if anyone made birdhouses from records (they do) and I ended up several videos later on a video called Double Dirty Swirl Acrylic Pour on a Vinyl Record. I laughed at the title, but when I saw it, I went from laughing to going… “that is frickin cool!”

See for yourself:

After watching that I spent a few weeks watching Deby from the previous video and others doing various methods of acrylic pour painting and learned all the jargon. Swipes, floats, dirty pour, flip cup… and lots more. I was fascinated how a little cup of mixed paints could produce such fascinating results.

When I was in art history in school I secretly laughed at abstract art. It’s true. I felt like abstract art was like ambient music, just there but not enough to really draw you in, no hooks or rhythms… like elevator music, not rock music.

When I saw this stuff though, something in me just said… yes. I get it.

The cells, or large pockets are eye-catching and the colors are swirled and mixed and flowing within each piece enough to really give the eye some work. If you watch any of the videos on this technique make sure you stay to the end to watch the close-ups that usually follow to see the detail. It is amazing.

At any rate, I immediately thought about my record clocks, and how I sort of stopped doing it since it was difficult to find colored vinyl and/or interesting pieces to make record clocks from. My brain started writhing thinking about trying this for myself.

The supplies needed are not that much… paint, flow medium (basically paint thinner) and silicone (which helps create the cells), and if you are feeling fancy a micro torch to assist with cell creation after the pour. A trip to Menards, a trip to Michael’s and some Amazon ordering and within a week I had everything I needed.

On Saturday morning after Rocco (one of our dogs) made sure I didn’t sleep in past 5am, I ended up downstairs and decided to give it a shot. I mixed my paints, grabbed a record album cover (I figured that would be a handy test item) and gave it a shot.

Lessons learned from my first pour.

  1. You gotta use enough paint. I only mixed enough to cover half of the record cover.
  2. If you didn’t do a negative space pour (meaning laying some paint for your mixed cup to flow over), don’t swipe. When I tried to use a pallet knife to spread the paint around, since it was so thick it would barely flow and as a consequence it just smeared into a gray blob.
  3. Make the paint thin enough to actually pour and spread.

The part that DID pour right, did look good. So there was that.

So, I tried it again. This time I used the same colors, made them thinner, and used more paint. I grabbed a canvas this time and gave it another go. It poured, thinner this time, and I was able to cover the whole canvas, touched up the edges and gave it a bit of the ole micro torch. It worked!

Here is my first legit pour.

I used black, white, yellow and metallic gold. Booyah. I was stoked that it came out as well as it did. I had been prepared for mixed results like my record cover attempt, but after doing this one, I decided that my results were good enough to try it on the medium I was really wanting to try it on.

A record.

I mixed more paints, this time black, white, red, yellow and gold and thinned them even more. I put tape over the underside of the record to cover the center hole and this time I did it flip cup style. I put the record on top of the cup of paint and flipped the whole thing over. I gave it a moment to let the paint run down in the cup (actually using a pin to pop an air hole in the bottom (now the top of the cup) and after a couple of minutes… lifted it up and let the paint flow out in a giant blob.

Thinner this time it spread out nicely and covered the whole record with a little tipping here and there. I also used the mini torch on it to bring out even more cells. I was floored by how awesome it looked.

I liked how there seems to be a light side and a dark side. “Like the moon” Joe said when I showed him.

Here is a close up to see the cells.

I removed the tape over the center hole allowing for the clock parts, and wanted to do more. I grabbed another record.

This time I used some of the leftover paints from the last pour and added some more. There was a lot of black in my mix and it shows in the final product, which is much darker.

Still cool, but I liked the lighter color more. Will still make a nice clock though.

I had time for one more and I mixed up a lighter set of colors and added silver instead of gold. This time I poured it on an old 78 record. The lighter colors are a hit with me. This one didn’t have as many cells, even after I gave it the micro torch, but it came out fantastic.

So, it was totally worth it to get the stuff to try this out. I am stoked to try a swipe, a float, a spinning pour… and to do more records. There are tons of people doing videos about this type of art out there, sharing their techniques and supplies and methods if you are interested. About 10 seconds on YouTube should do it. Maybe you’ll want to try it too.

Yeah, it’s abstract.

Yeah, it’s awesome.

Yeah, I’m eating my words from my UW Milwaukee art history class all those years ago.


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Little Library For CD’s

In a recent stop to TNT Café in Madison, I was looking at their book exchange

and it made me think of the Little Library in my yard and how interesting would it be if I put CD’s in it. Of course I would want to tag them and have the people who took them (and presumably leave one – that IS how it is supposed to work) leave a review of the CD either in the CD, or on a web page which would be detailed inside the cd. Maybe a label with the webpage listed.

I would love to hearing what people think of the music.

Maybe some demographics of the listener.

Suggestions… like if you like this CD, check out this one.

I know, I know… in all likelihood someone would just come by and swipe them all and try to sell them. Thus ruining it for everyone. Jokes on them, you can barely sell a CD these days.

So, suppose the culprits left it alone… could I handle it if someone took a CD and left a Yanni CD, could I leave my judgment outside the Little Library? I mean it’s not like I am going to put my Jane’s Addiction bootleg double CD in there, but I would put in some Miles Davis I have picked up, and some Cranberries. I am often picking up CD’s lately to rip them and then I give them away.

A brief search turned up plenty of photos of people adding CD’s and (DVD’s too) to their little libraries.

Who knows… maybe I’ll become one of them.

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To Prince With Love, Cindy

Yeah, not my Cindy, but a Cindy Richgels none the less.

Brook from work brought this to my attention and I simply had to include it here in my blog. It seems Brook was perusing a Vogue article about Prince and the places he had lived in and around Minneapolis, and something caught his eye about one of the pictures in the article.

It’s quite an interesting article. Give it a look.

The highlight though had nothing to do with houses of Paisley Park or any other location.

In the article there were some shots of notes and letters left for Prince in the time after his death. One was written by a Cindy Richgels. My wife’s Cindy’s maiden name! She claims she it NOT the author. Too bad. She could have been in Vogue.

Even MY Cindy had to admit that the handwriting is very similar to hers.

And she has been to Minnesota a bit in the past year…

Just saying…


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(Perhaps) The World’s Oldest Musical Instrument

At least that’s what it says on the pamphlet included in the box.

So… some back story.

This all started with a blog I was checking out called “Stuff To Blow Your Mind” and the episode was called “Ig Nobels 2017: Liquid Cats, Didgeridoos & More”. The Ig Nobels are a series of oddball awards for crazy out there research projects or papers in the scientific community. In this episode, about 36 minutes in, the paper “Didgeridoo playing as alternative treatment for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in a randomized control trial” was reviewed. The gist of it was that playing the didgeridoo was helpful in controlling sleep apnea and snoring.

You can listen to the podcast if you want to hear the details, but the point of it was that on a whim I went to Spotify to see if there were any didgeridoo albums to check out.

There was!

The first one I came to was called, you guessed it, “Didgeridoo” by Phillip Glass. Honestly, it blew my mind. It was tribal and mesmerizing and I really loved it. It was perfect as background music and soothing and I found myself searching out more and more. There are traditional and very simple albums, like the Phillip Glass album and more “modern” almost rock albums like those by Ganga Giri.

After listening to this music off and on for several weeks, I ventured into the YouTube world and discovered what I consider to be the perfect demo video for didgeridoo. I was fascinated with how the sounds are produced and the circular breathing and the simplicity and rhythm and tone. It is of David Hudson, sitting in the woods, stream running in the background, demonstrating how to play and giving some history. It seems to be a problem putting in a link here so if you are interested, search YouTube for “Playing a Didgeridoo (David Hudson)”.

From this video I ended up watching many different channels that are about didgeridoo and circular breathing. One in particular that I enjoy is David Yates channel Breathwood. He makes it seem so effortless and I like his style and attitude.

It so happens that he also plays several different kinds of didgeridoo, including “travel” size didgeridoos that are rectangular or round. That led me to wonder how much one cost.

Immediately I discovered you can pay a ridiculous amount to get real a didgeridoo directly from termite hollowed trees from Australia… check out THIS site:

they are beautiful and authentic and very expensive

or, get one from Guitar Center.

Then I discovered that you can buy one on Amazon. They have real wooden didgeridoos and synthetic ones also. I found one synthetic that was 48″ and came with a bag and instructional video, and after much hemming and hawing… ordered it.

Could I play this thing? Was this a crazy thing to buy? I don’t know.

At dinner several nights later, I “confessed” to my wife that I had bought a didgeridoo. I don’t know what I expected but she was cool about it. I told her it was a cheap synthetic didg, but that it would be a chance to see if I had any didg chops or a real interest. She said, “well, it’s not a real didgeridoo, but it will didgeridoo”.  Thanks Cyn.

At any rate, it arrived a few days later, ironically on the same day that I had a tooth extracted. In essence putting a few week delay on even trying it, but it is here.

I have checked out a few YouTube videos on drills to run on prepping your breathing and diaphragm that I can do in the meantime and after a respectable amount of time (per my maxillofacial surgeon) and the removal of my 1 stitch… I’ll try to make my first noise with it.

also there is the DVD to digest in the meantime.

Not sure David Yates would approve of this synthetic job, but if it takes off for me, I might invest in a real wooden didg.

Wish me luck!

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Dentist Office Nirvana

As I sit here waiting for Joe to get his appointment taken care of, while holding an ice pack on MY face due to my tooth extraction on Monday…

I am soothed by Nirvana doing “The Man Who Sold The World” from their Unplugged release.

Not the kind of tune that I would expect as easy listening waiting room music, but I’ll take it.

Next up was Closing Time by Semisonic.

It could be way worse.

Alice Cooper “Unfinished Sweet” ?

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Kalamazoo Rocks (Cement?)

At least the Kalamazoo State Theater does!

This picture was from our trip there in March to check out Abbey’s new house, which is awesome by the way. That evening we checked out the “downtown” area of the Kalamazoo megalopolis and I spotted the above marquee there.

Robin Trower!

That would be a great show. I am heartened that he is still touring and when we got home from that trip I listened to “Bridge of Sighs” and “Live” back to back. SO good.

During that trip I also picked up an album from Green Light Records for my Hipgnosis collection, which by the way I have given up on. I went into a full explanation in my latest YouTube video, which in an ironic twist features an album that Abbey turned me on to. Full circle.

However, the most mind-blowing thing from the trip was the mental trip I took when I saw this simple turtle sculpture.

I stopped dead in my tracks and my mind spun out to when I was a kid and played in the school playground that was just down the road from my grandparents trailer that I would stay at during the summer. This playground featured 2 types of equipment. The first was metal. I’m talking death-defying slides that were sometimes obscured by low clouds, a row of teeter totters that no doubt caused at least several children injury, and ridiculously tall climbing structures made of metal poles that I would NEVER let any kid of mine play on, but remember this was the 70’s. The other type of equipment was this weird surreal landscape made of cement. There were climbing structures and shapes to play on. THIS was one of them.

I was so stoked about seeing this I made Joe get on it.

and then Cyn and I got on it.

What an incredible blast from the past!

AND… as I sat down to write this I looked for a picture of what I called the “moon base” when I played on and around it. I found it!

I played on this thing for hours. I pretended I was in a shoot out and stuck my pistol hand out the little holes, or pretended this was a base on the moon, or a jungle tree house.

Turns out it was all designed by the same guy!

Full article and memory blow out here:

I wonder if this turtle is a “repress” or an original sculpture.

See how I brought it back to music there to justify including it!?

Hey. I write this. It only has to the flimsiest excuse.

Thank you Jim Miller-Melburg. You rock!

See… I did it again.

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