Dereck Higgins – Myths… Realities

After the arrival of Dereck Higgins “Flyover” I wanted to order “Myths… Realities”, but I heard Dereck say in one of his videos that it was sold out on the US bandcamp site.

Luckily however it was still available on the Greek site.

So I ordered from there. It came pretty quick considering and it arrived a few days ago.

2016-01-29 15.55.30

First off, the pressing and packaging is again, beautiful. The cover shot is perfect for the album.

2016-01-30 14.04.45

2016-01-30 14.04.58

and the vinyl is splattered gray. Stunning.

2016-01-30 14.05.38

I wish all vinyl could look this gorgeous and colorful.

Also included was a CD of the album and a record label sticker and thank you insert. Nice.

2016-01-30 14.06.20

So, to the eyes beautiful, and to the ears… the same.

These tracks really mirror the packaging. They are touching, beautiful and hypnotic. I think I may have labelled Dereck as a bass player in my earlier posts, based on the descriptions I had seen of his earlier work and his collaborations, but this album is filled with great guitar work.

The first 3 tracks are a great opening. “Dickinson Drive”, “9-03-2000” and “Echo Guitar” set a tone that will fill you with peace and melancholy. They are so introspective and soothing.

The rest of the album is equally good and I am once again glad I was able to get a copy of this album, particularly on this beautiful vinyl. It is fantastic.

Keep up the great work Dereck!

Your videos and music are an inspiration.


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