Post Number 500

It’s hard to fathom that I have been doing this over 5 years now. I remember how the notion for the first post, about my high school cafeteria juke box festered in my mind for years. I should write about that, I thought to myself. I started jotting down ideas for posts before I even started writing. Eventually the folded piece of paper threatened to disintegrate so I entered it in the computer, printed it, and carried it in my work bag. Still adding to it as I went.

Idea Sheet

That first post was pretty long and I tried to be a style that I had seen in many blogs that I read, but in the end I settled into a pretty no fluff tell it like it is documentary style prose. It did the trick. I’m not turning this into a book, it’s just to remind me, and inform others.

I recently had my 5 year anniversary, and this being my 500th post, means that I have, on average, written a post about every 4 days.

I was fairly sure I would run out of things to write about when my list ran out, but then I started buying records again, going to more concerts than I had been to in my entire life previously, taking pictures of shows and friends and family, and documenting if slantedly the last 5 years of my life.

In the end, those who don’t know me can read about music and concerts and equipment and music.

Those who do know me, well… I probably told you these stories already.

Thank you to both.


The Aural Retentive

500 Posts

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