Sleevefaces That Probably Won’t Make It

If you don’t know about Sleevefaces, you should definitely check it out.

I did this accidentally when I was blogging about my “Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive” album.


Once I leaned about it and started thinking about what records I had that might work I had to find a volunteer.

Cindy was reluctant. Of course I made her hold a Linda Ronstadt. One shot was all I could get, and this was it. That’s my girl.

Linda and Cindy

Max helped with a couple. Here with The Blasters.

2013-04-19 16.57.32

2013-03-23 17.23.24

And that’s his Sublime album.

I even tried one myself.

2013-04-13 15.33.10

Too close! Clearly my technique could use some work. I need to take some time and set some of these up. It’s got to be good quality to make the site. I have some album covers that haven’t appeared on Sleeveface yet.

Stay tuned.


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One Response to Sleevefaces That Probably Won’t Make It

  1. dalton holmen says:

    Those were cool!

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