Happy Anniversary To Me – 8 Years

Typically I don’t post twice in a day, but as I posted my last one, I noticed this in my messages for today.


It was more than 8 years ago that I was scribbling notes on a piece of paper thinking about some day writing some of it down. I hesitated to begin because I didn’t think I had enough stuff to last more than a couple posts, but as this will be my 625th post, I guess I thought wrong. I carried a piece of paper around with me for years, on the forklift and in the office and eventually had to type most of it out when the paper faded and then continued to add to it.

8 Years ago today I wrote the post about the jukebox in the lunch room at my high school.

I continue to write this, even after a long drought where I was doing YouTube videos mainly and writing far less, but am back at it. Thank you to everyone who reads this and who comments. I truly appreciate it.

-The Aural Retentive

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One Infinite Sadness About The Upcoming Smashing Pumpkins Show

I came, I saw and I conquered on the Ticket Master website and got my tickets to The Smashing Pumpkins show at The Sylvee this November…

or did I?

Yes. I did, but… I will have no ticket stub!

I have been keeping my stubs to shows since 2012 in my Ticket Album.

There are some very early shows in here. Starting with Bowie in Milwaukee 1987 and then local stuff… The Feelies & Firehose in 91 at the Barrymore and L7 in 94 at The Stock Pavillion.

I have 2 Buddy Guy stubs from the now gone R & R Station that Dalton saved for me.

Missing are the Nine Inch Nails stubs I had.

Nonetheless, I started in earnest in 2012 with a show that Dalton and I went to. Henry Rollins at The Barrymore. This was really the first show that I had gone to in a long while and I knew before we went that I was going to keep my stub. Sigh. I probably already wrote about this in the post about the show, but look what they did to my ticket!


Regardless, I have kept every stub since then. It’s not a huge collection, but it’s mine.

It was in 2013 that I had my first (almost) non-stub show. The English Beat were playing and I bought tickets online and to my horror, the only option was print at home. Ugha.

As it so happens, I found a stub lying on the floor at the show and it made it to the ticket binder. That was a close call.

I won tickets to see Dick Dale from Mad City Music in 2015 and my name was at the door. No ticket stub. This was the first.

Hell, I hate it when I don’t get a show poster, but not having a ticket stub is sad.

Then it happened again when I went to see Earth. Print at home. Sigh.

Most recently it was for METZ at the Majestic. Print at home.

As an example of how important these are to me, I panicked when I saw this in my book.

Uh… what the hell?! WHERE IS MY BUCKETHEAD 2016??!! I flipped. For a moment, I broke out in a flop sweat and I could feel my heart racing as I tried to retrace my steps since I DID remember suddenly taking it out. As it turns out I had taken it out of the binder to show in a video and hadn’t put it back in its slot. It was in-between the next pages. Whew. Everybody just settle down.

THIS is however a new level of sadness for me. Everything in perspective I suppose, and the modern age is upon us and all that… but I will not have a ticket stub for The Smashing Pumpkins show. The tickets are on my phone.

I rarely use emoticons, but this one seems appropriate here.


Yes, this is my first time where my technology gets me into the show and not a tiny piece of paper. It even teases me mentioning that these other methods might be available in other circumstances.

Well, it is what it is. I am not going to not go because I can’t get a stub.

I suppose when the show is over I can post a screenshot from my phone of my bar codes and print that for my book.

Sad and lame, but such is the future, where paper is dead and vinyl is too.


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That’s What You Get In My House For Spilling Paint In The Garage

An update on the paint pouring on vinyl records.

I did a few pours, then had issues with the paint not covering all of the record, either it was the silicone, or some property of the record material, but no matter what I did, small spots formed as it was drying and I ended up with blank space with no paint.


So I left them alone for a while, until I saw a couple of acrylic pour painting videos on YouTube of various people using spinners to do some incredible work. One person had rigged up a bicycle wheel and pedals to make the frame spin at a crazy wild speed. The concept was very intriguing.

So naturally, I made my own. I took an ancient small fan, created a stack of 45’s to stack on the blades with a point that I could set down an LP on for spinning. A super hack job, but in the end… it worked!

My first attempt was with awful colors and I didn’t use enough paint. This is a flat red that was some oops house paint I picked up cheap, but I did learn a lot.

Then a darker color and more paint. That is actually blue.

Then I learned that dropping paint on the spinning record gave me very little control, so after covering the spinning record with a base color, I stopped it and put the paint where I wanted it and the spun it again.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Technique, paint thickness and quantity all work together. I’m getting a little better at the canvas pouring as well, incorporating more technique other than just doing a straight pour.

Flowers over a swipe.

and a stretched swirl over a black/gray background.

I like the spinning for the records, but I have to keep in mind the clock parts I have are white, so I need to stick to darker background colors. Some of the ones I did are cool, but you might not be able to see the clock hands very well.

I suppose they are not for really accurate time keeping.

Kinda like a Swatch.

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Smashing Pumpkins – The Sylvee, Madison WI. 11-28-18 – The Tickets

NOT ONLY do The Smashing Pumpkins have a new record out soon (see my previous post about pre-ordering it) they are touring.

I have always been jealous of Dalton having seen them at The Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee years and years ago. I remember coming across the ticket stub in his pile one day and exclaiming “YOU saw Smashing Pumpkins?!”.¬† He smiled and said yes, and it was awesome.

But then they had broken up, and the odds of ever seeing them became none existent.

Or so I thought!

Yes, with the new album came touring, and beyond my wildest belief… they are playing in Madison! Booyah!

The first show of the tour is at a new music venue in Madison called The Sylvee.


I couldn’t believe it. I immediately told Cindy “we are SO going!”.

Then I had to wait for a week until tickets came up for sale. It was a long week. I kept getting notices of pre-sale events, but was unable to order any. I set up a text to alert me when the tickets became available and tried to put it out of my mind.

Then the day came when the tickets went on sale and I was busy and didn’t think of it, and didn’t get the text alert, and didn’t notice until 10 minutes after the sale to the public started. UGH.

I jumped to the website and immediately saw that the $75 dollar general admission tickets were all gone. There were some re-sale tickets though for a higher price. I took a precious few minutes to consider how much I wanted to spend, then went for them.

Too late.

There was a message saying something to the effect of “Sorry, someone beat you to the tickets. Please choose different tickets and try again.”

I adjusted filters, I chose higher priced seats, nothing… try it all again, no good. Sigh.

I decided to try one more time and got 2 tickets in my queue and went though the whole purchase info screen and added my info and clicked “BUY”.

“Sorry, someone beat you to the tickets. Please choose different tickets and try again.”

OMG. Hurry up, try it again! Same deal, got through all the screens again only to get that same message and NOT get my tickets. I was to use a fancy word, crestfallen. I really wanted to see this show. I gave it one last try and¬†managed to score 2 tickets that would have cost me over $300. I got to the “BUY” button, then hesitated and ultimately shut it down.

I let Cindy know the news and surprisingly (that’s my awesome wife) she told me to go for it, Happy Birthday.

So… I went back at it and surprisingly, I managed to get a pair of re-sale tickets that were cheaper than the $300 pair. I made it to the “BUY” button and…¬† and… and…

P U R C H A S E D !!!

This is the most I have EVER paid for a pair of concert tickets, though I realize that you could easily pay a whole lot more. It almost didn’t happen. Literally, and in more ways than just one. Later that night I saw this:


I am not surprised, which is why I was waiting so hard for the public sale to start, and why I was so bummed when I forgot about it. I wonder how long it actually took to sell out. Whew!

We’ll be there. See you soon Billy and company.

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Shame On You B&N Used Section

I have no problem with Barnes & Nobles selling vinyl.

They have a decent section of new vinyl and even Barnes & Nobles limited releases of some titles that are very well received.

They have a small section, outside of the music area, in the used area, where they do sell some used vinyl. I have purchased probably 3 or 4 things from there, but overall it seems to be a sea of albums that even people who listened to those albums in the past would prefer to listen to it on CD. Not the analog nostalgic baby boomers like myself.

I generally pass this section of rarely moving stock on my way to the used sci-fi books, but on this day saw something on the outside of the piles that caught my eye. I had to stop and look.

“Fresh Cream”

for 99 cents??!

At that price, even though I don’t typically listen to Cream, even I might be tempted to buy it. Hmm… that’s when my buyer beware kicked in and I pulled out the record itself.


That is a bit of a scratch. Like a needle damaging scratch. You wouldn’t even put this on your turntable. Come on B&N. Someone really looked at this album and decided that it was worthy of someone buying it, at ANY price?

I have purchased non-playable albums, to be fair, but they were clearly marked “AS IS”, it was an awesome Jimi Hendrix bootleg, a collectible. This however seems like some just hoping no one notices before they buy it and take it home.

Shame on you.

This makes me sad.

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Rush – A Farewell To Kings

“A Farewell To Kings”

This album was pivotal for me. I had heard 2112 and seen the ridiculous picture on it (but still¬†love the album). I had “Archives” (a comp of the first 3 albums) and been made an all out fan. It was “A Farewell To Kings” though which seemed to blend all the rock from the early albums with the grandeur of 2112 into something admittedly less over the top for the average listener.

The only song on this album I have issues with is “Closer To The Heart” and that is only because my lunch room rockers played it constantly on the jukebox. That is NOT its fault.

This album had it all.

They dabbled with extended tracks with “Xanadu” which was like a condensed 2112, and “Cygnus X-1” which hit me right in the sci-fi lover heart. I was SO into that stuff at that point in my life. The song still gives me chills and I generally can only listen to it at ear popping volume.

I am listening to my vinyl copy right now and have just reached Cygnus X-1.


Okay, I’m back.

I have to say that despite how great the music is, the real thing that gave me pause as I sat in my room and listened to this album and read along with the lyrics… was the picture of the band on the inside right of the gate fold cover.

THESE guys were not wearing crazy wispy white outfits that were caricatures, but (at least for the time and place) normal clothes. Geddy is wearing some ginormous high tops, but is in t-shirt and jeans. Alex is in a suit jacket with t-shirt, and Neil… well Neil is in boots and big sleeves, but still better than on 2112.

This picture put the guys in a whole new light for me.

Suddenly they seemed to command more respect.

The mansion quality and countryside outside of the huge door made me picture Canada and the soft focused light washing them out slightly made them seem ethereal.

It could have been taken anywhere I suppose, but it seems to me the perfect representation of the sound that Rush had become. Smart rock that had a heart and wasn’t afraid to do whatever they wanted. You want 2 songs over 10 minutes. Sure. Go ahead.

The music and the picture defined Rush in my mind for a long long time.

It was my joy to attend a Vapor Trails tour show 2002-2003 (?) with Dalton. We were pretty close on the Alex side of the stage and it was awesome. They had a video screen playing videos along with the songs and in one a dragon breathed fire and flames blew out over the stage and I could feel the heat. Mind blown.

Interestingly, I don’t think they played even one song from this album.

I still love ya guys.

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More Dub To Be Had On Mixcloud – Check It Out

I have been on the Reggae Dub tip for weeks now (except for a small excursion into French Ye-Ye music recently) and have plumbed the depths of YouTube and determined that I am keen on mixes as opposed to albums by single artists.

If you knew me you would be astonished.

Anyway, purely on accident I ended up on Mixcloud. I had been on this site before but it never occurred to me to check it out for Dub, but once I was there… I froze.


and courtesy of their wonderful widget I present one of my favorite artists most recent mix:

There are mixes from all over the world. I listened to some Spanish Dub for a bit. You can really expand your horizons here. I dare you not to try some other style of music while you are here.

This is just the edge of the rabbit hole. Be careful…

and enjoy.

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